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    snapchats from agent maria hill

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    headcanon that hook is actually REALLY GOOD with baby neal… he and emma have to take care of him one day and emmas like “sorry about this, babysitting is probably not in the pirate job description” but hook is just like


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    I hope i’m this great of a mom.

    When cosplayers become parents

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    Click here to watch Stephen Colbert discuss Eric Cantor’s defeat on The Report.

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  7. myevilregal:


    if it’s modern, I want a fantasy au

    if it’s fantasy, I want a modern au

    *Once Upon a Time fandom cackles*

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    Guardians of the Galaxy looks amazing

    For the comment.

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    The photo at top is the most-viewed image in the world, the “Bliss” wallpaper that came with Windows XP. 

    The photo at bottom is what the same spot looks like today.

    Earth is going downhill fast..

    the second picture was taken in the fucking fall I cannot believe this scaremongering bullshit

    What is this “fall”? The fall of mankind? The end of days? What is the government hiding behind our windows wallpapers?

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    do atheists say oh my god

    yep.  we say it any time we hear something that’s unbelievable.


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